More News In Global Health

ABC News: Meghan Markle effect on menstrual hygiene: A royal ‘champion’ for the cause (Kindelan, 5/28).

CNN: Fewer babies were born in Brazil amid Zika outbreak, study says (Scutti, 5/29).

Devex: How to combat NCDs? Take a sector-wide approach (Politzer, 5/29).

Intellectual Property Watch: Global Health Policymakers Take Action To Improve Access To Assistive Products (Saez, 5/26).

Inter Press Service: Food Waste Enough to Feed World’s Hungry Four Times Over (Deen, 5/28).

News Deeply: A New Test for Kenya’s Students: Learning to Eat Healthier (Aroko, 5/29).

Reuters: China overtakes U.S. for healthy lifespan: WHO data (Miles, 5/30).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Labeled sorcerers, Cameroonian children with sickle-cell disease face death (Kouagheu, 5/27).

VOA News: Nigerian Health Workers Blame Cultural Practices for Fistula Epidemic (Oduah, 5/29).

Xinhua News: Experts call on more focus on youth to prevent HIV/AIDS infections in Africa (5/30).

Xinhua News: S. African gov’t working hard to fight HIV/AIDS: deputy president (5/30).

Xinhua News: South Sudan, U.N. vow to strengthen fight against HIV (5/30).