Mobile Technology Can Help Improve Health Care Access For Mothers, Children

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Bridging the maternal health care divide with mobile technology
Joakim Reiter, group external affairs director at Vodafone

“About 830 women around the world die each day due to pregnancy or childbirth complications. The suffering is completely unnecessary but this is where mobile technology can help. … USAID and the Vodafone Foundation have established a broader program called ‘Mobilizing Maternal Health’ in Tanzania. Building on the work fighting obstetric fistula, its goal is to find ways that mobile communications can improve access to health care and help educate women in rural areas about pregnancy and childbirth. … The onus is on governments, donors, private companies, and international organizations to continue working together to harness the power of mobile technology to give every woman and child around the world access to quality health care” (9/12).