MFAN Offers Recommendations To Ensure USAID’s Policy Framework Is ‘Effective, Efficient, Accountable’

Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network: How does USAID’s recent Policy Framework perform on aid effectiveness?
Madeline Hartlieb, program associate at MFAN, discusses USAID’s recently released policy framework, which “pulls from goals outlined in the United States’ National Security Strategy (NSS) and the Department of State and USAID Joint Strategic Plan (JSP), and weaves these goals into U.S. development policy.” Hartlieb continues, “The policy framework will serve as the guiding light for U.S. development and humanitarian assistance, translating the agency’s policy and operational approaches and priorities into actions that impact the agency’s staff and communities on the ground. … While this policy framework improves on the previous two iterations, USAID should focus on the … recommendations [outlined by MFAN] to make sure U.S. foreign assistance is that much more effective, efficient, and accountable in the future” (6/12).