MERS No Longer Concern For South Korean Public, Officials Say, Stopping Short Of Declaring Outbreak Over

Associated Press: South Korea sees end of MERS threat after outbreak killed 36
“South Korea said Tuesday it is now virtually free of the deadly MERS virus that killed 36 people and sickened nearly 200 since an outbreak was declared in May…” (Kim, 7/28).

Bloomberg Business: South Korea Says MERS Outbreak That Hit Economy No Longer Worry
“…Since the first reported cases of MERS on May 20, the virus has infected 186 people and killed 36 in South Korea. It prompted thousands of schools to close at one point and led to the cancellation of concerts, trips, and other public activities vital to growth in Asia’s fourth-largest economy…” (Kim, 7/27).

Deutsche Welle: South Korea declares end to MERS outbreak
“… ‘After weighing various circumstances, the medical personnel and the government judge that the people can now be free from worry,’ Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-Ahn told a meeting of government officials in Seoul…” (7/28).

New York Times: South Korea: Government Declares End to MERS Outbreak
“…South Korea’s outbreak was the largest outbreak outside Saudi Arabia, where the virus, known as MERS, first emerged in 2012…” (Choe, 7/27).

Reuters: South Korea declares country effectively out of MERS danger
“…Hwang said it was too early to declare the outbreak over but urged the public to return to normal daily life. He added that the government would implement reforms to fix health care shortcomings exposed during the outbreak, although he did not specify what steps it would take…” (Kim, 7/28).