Media Outlets Examine Various Nations’ COVID-19 Responses, Effective Strategies


Bloomberg: Africa Needs $100 Billion Stimulus to Combat Virus (Soto, 3/23).

Reuters: African finance ministers call for $100 billion stimulus, debt holiday (Bavier, 3/23).


Devex: To contain the spread of coronavirus, Manila grapples with lockdown (Ravelo, 3/24).

New York Times: How South Korea Flattened the Curve (Fisher/Sang-Hun, 3/23).

PRI: North Korea still officially claims zero coronavirus cases (Moon, 3/23).

Reuters: Taiwan says WHO ignored its coronavirus questions at start of outbreak (Lee et al., 3/24).

Reuters: Three-pronged distancing most effective at controlling COVID-19: study (Kelland, 3/24).


AP: Europe eyes smartphone location data to stem virus spread (Bajak et al., 3/24).

The Hill: New coronavirus cases drop in Italy for second day (Coleman, 3/23).

PRI: Russia is underreporting coronavirus cases, Russian doctor says (Ofman et al., 3/23).

The Telegraph: How Britain has fallen far behind other countries in coronavirus testing — and why it matters (Knapton/Donnelly, 3/23).

Washington Post: Italy’s coronavirus deaths are staggering. They may be more preview than anomaly (Harlan et al., 3/23).


Reuters: Brazil’s Bolsonaro walks back decree to suspend worker pay amid coronavirus (Marcello et al., 3/23).

Reuters: Bolivia sex workers protest coronavirus curfew (Machicao/O’Brien, 3/23).


Al Jazeera: War-torn Syria braces for lockdown after first virus case (3/23).

U.N. News: UNICEF sounds alarm over water cuts in Syria as efforts ramp up to prevent COVID-19 spread (3/23).