Media Outlets Examine Responses To Coronavirus Outbreaks In China, South Korea, Iran, Italy

New York Times: Inside China’s All-Out War on the Coronavirus (McNeil, 3/4).

NPR: Why The Death Rate From Coronavirus Is Plunging In China (Aizenman, 3/3).

PRI: Is South Korea’s approach to containing coronavirus a model for the rest of the world? (Strother, 3/3).

Reuters: Researchers identify two coronavirus types as China cases dwindle (Galbraith et al., 3/3).

Wall Street Journal: Iran Releases Prisoners on a Temporary Basis to Halt the Spread of the Coronavirus (Eqbali/Coles, 3/3).

Washington Post: Coronavirus spread from China. Now, China doesn’t want the world spreading it back (Fifield, 3/4).

Washington Post: With coronavirus, North Korea’s isolation is a possible buffer but also a worry (Denyer, 3/4).

Washington Post: Coronavirus in Italy fills hospital beds and turns doctors into patients (Morris, 3/3).