Media Outlets Discuss Two New Reports On Nutrition Worldwide, In India

News outlets discuss a report on global nutrition from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and a report on nutrition in India from the World Bank.

BBC News: World is crossing malnutrition red line, report warns
“Most countries in the world are facing a serious public health problem as a result of malnutrition, a report warns. The Global Nutrition Report said every nation except China had crossed a ‘malnutrition red line,’ suffering from too much or too little nutrition…” (Kinver, 11/13).

LiveMint: Focus on health, sanitation can reduce stunting in children: World Bank
“Undernourishment is not the only factor responsible for stunting among children — where a child’s height is low for his or her age — and with improved access to health care and sanitation, India can dramatically reduce the incidence of stunting, according to a World Bank report released on Thursday…” (Bera, 11/13).

Wall Street Journal: On Children’s Day, Too Posh to Breastfeed, Rich Indians Are Stunting India’s Growth
“It’s not just India’s poorest children who are in danger of malnourishment. The vast majority of infants from wealthiest third of households don’t receive the quality or quantity of food recommended for their age, according to a new report from the World Bank…” (Agarwal, 11/14).