Malaria Eradication Advocates Push For U.S. Congress To Maintain, Increase Funding For Efforts

Devex: Making the case for malaria eradication in a tight budgetary environment
“…[T]here has been a shift over the past decade from shrinking the malaria map to getting rid of the disease for good, and malaria eradication advocates say current funding levels cannot get us to that goal. The closer malaria gets to zero, the more difficult and expensive the effort to eradicate the disease will become, due to challenges ranging from drug-resistant strains to weak health systems, they say. Now advocates who want to make sure the ongoing U.S. budget process maintains or even increases funding to fight malaria are pointing to a growing body of evidence about the return on investment in a disease that remains the leading cause of death in many developing countries…” (Cheney, 7/24).