Lessons From Global Health Successes Should Be Applied To Climate Change Efforts

Devex: Opinion: What the climate community can learn from global health
Richard Feachem, director of the Global Health Group at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Institute for Global Health Sciences

“…The lessons from our past successes in global health can, and should, be applied in the fight against climate change. … By framing the urgent need for climate mitigation through the lens of global health, … the climate community can build the momentum and public will needed to turn the tide. To start, governments of all countries need to make fighting climate change a priority … Also, governments, philanthropies, and the private sector must dramatically scale up their financial commitments to meet the size of the challenge. … And finally, the health sector must join the fight … Climate change is the greatest health threat and opportunity of the 21st century. … Our experience in global health … has shown that profound global change is possible when bold and visionary leadership is combined with significant resources and strong political commitment…” (10/19).