Leaked Trump Administration Budget Document Shows Cuts To U.S. Global Health, Humanitarian Efforts

Devex: Leaked U.S. budget document suggests deep humanitarian, global health cuts
“Yet another document that appears to outline the Trump administration’s budget intentions leaked on Friday. While the numbers are preliminary — the document is dated May 8, and the official White House budget is expected May 23 — the spreadsheet, if authentic, paints another grim picture of how the president views U.S. foreign assistance. … In addition to the food aid cuts, USAID’s international disaster assistance account is down … Global health accounts also face a big reduction if the official budget matches what is presented in the leaked document. … When the full budget proposal arrives Tuesday, it should be accompanied by a budget justification, which explains how the budget reflects the White House’s priorities. At that point the U.S. development community could get a clearer picture of the president’s views on global development’s role within U.S. foreign policy…” (Saldinger/Igoe, 5/19).