Laurie Garrett Examines Several Of U.S. President Trump’s First Actions, Potential Effects On U.S. Global Health Efforts

Council on Foreign Relations’ “Garrett on Global Health”: Trump: Two Weeks
Laurie Garrett, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses several of U.S. President Trump’s first actions in office, and, when applicable, their potential effects on global health. These actions include “1. ‘minimizing the economic burden’ of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 2. freezing all regulations, 3. reinstating the Mexico City abortion policy (also known as the global gag rule), 4. scrapping the Trans-Pacific Partnership, 5. freezing hires for the federal workforce, 6. advancing the Dakota Access Pipeline, 7. advancing the Keystone XL Pipeline, 8. expediting environmental reviews on infrastructure projects, 9. promoting pipelines ‘produced in the United States,’ 10. reviewing domestic manufacturing regulation, 11. increasing border security measures, 12. eliminating ‘catch-and-release’ strategies, 13. pursuing undocumented immigrants, 14. reevaluating visa and refugee programs, 15. strengthening the military (NSPM 1), 16. reorganizing the National Security Council (NSPM 2), 17. implementing a lobbying ban, 18. calling for a plan to defeat the self-declared Islamic State (NSPM 3), 19. reducing regulations” (2/3).