Kaiser Family Foundation, USA TODAY/Suffolk University Polls Show Strong Support Among Americans For Congressional Action On Zika Response Funding

Roll Call: Poll: Public Wants Congress to Fund Zika Fight
“Voters want Congress to make funding to battle the Zika virus a top priority, a new poll shows. One-third of more than 1,200 people polled in the Kaiser Family Foundation poll said passing new funding to deal with the outbreak in the U.S. should be at the top of lawmakers’ agenda when they return from summer recess. Another 40 percent said it should at least be considered an important priority…” (Rahman, 9/2).

USA TODAY: Poll: Amid Zika fears, support for funding
“Nearly a third of Americans say fears of the Zika virus are affecting travel or other plans by members of their families, a broad impact that is fueling support for Congress to pass funding to curb spread of the disease in the United States. In a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll, those surveyed by more than a 3-1 margin — 62 percent-19 percent — said Congress should approve additional funding to fight the virus rather than continue to divert funds from other programs…” (Page, 9/5).