Kaiser Family Foundation Releases New Poll Findings Examining American Public’s Knowledge Of, Attitudes Toward Zika Virus

Kaiser Family Foundation: Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: September 2016
“As part of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s ongoing efforts to track the public’s knowledge of the Zika virus outbreak and attitudes towards Zika-related issues, the September Kaiser Health Tracking Poll examines whether the public has taken steps in order to protect themselves from getting Zika. … As seen in other recent Kaiser Health Tracking Polls, the Zika virus is one of the top health policy stories followed by the public, with nine in 10 Americans (92 percent) saying they have heard or read at least a little about the Zika virus and 61 percent of the public reporting that they were closely following news about the Zika virus outbreak…” (Kirzinger/Wu/Brodie, 9/29).