Majority Of Americans Believe U.S. Congress Should Allocate New Funding To Zika Response, Kaiser Family Foundation Poll Shows

CQ HealthBeat: Poll: Voters Concerned about Health Care Access, Zika
“A majority of Americans think it is important for Congress to pass new funding to address the Zika virus outbreak, according to a nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Thursday. The findings that 36 percent of Americans think funding for Zika should be a top priority for Congress and that 40 percent think it is important came alongside polling data that demonstrates high public awareness about the issue…” (Siddons, 9/1).

NPR: POLL: Most Americans Want Congress To Make Zika Funding A High Priority
“… ‘People generally do value spending money when there is sort of a public health emergency,’ says Mollyann Brodie, executive director of public opinion and survey research at the Kaiser Family Foundation, which conducted the survey. … President Obama asked for $1.9 billion in emergency federal funding back in February to fight Zika. So far, Congress hasn’t allocated anything…” (Kodjak, 9/1).