Investing In Skilled Health Workers Vital To Achieving SDGs

Devex: Opinion: Skilled health workers are the foundation of a healthy world
Vanessa Kerry, CEO and co-founder of Seed Global Health

“…[H]ow do we achieve reductions in deaths from preventable, treatable diseases, address the burgeoning [noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)], and increase access to universal coverage for all? The answer is building a health workforce able to address these challenges. … Yet while the evidence shows that we must invest in skilled health workers, not enough has been done to prioritize their funding and support. … Doctors, nurses, midwives, and other skilled workers are critical to supporting the health system overall, serving not only as care providers but as sources of ongoing training, and even strategy, for solving health system challenges. … [N]one of the [Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs)] health targets can be achieved without the health professionals who diagnose and treat disease in all its complexity. Overlook the major role they have in creating strong health systems, or fail to invest in building their capacity — and sustainability will remain a faraway dream” (9/21).