IntraHealth International Experts Discuss Critical Role Of Frontline Health Workers In DRC’s Ebola Outbreak, Global Health Security

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: Safety for Frontline Health Workers Paramount to Ebola Response and Global Health Security
Carol Bales, advocacy and policy communications manager at IntraHealth International, and Vince Blaser, director at Frontline Health Workers Coalition, discuss the role and challenges of health workers in containing the Ebola outbreak in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The authors write, “Unfortunately, right now in northeastern DRC, frontline health workers’ heroic efforts are being made near-impossible by war in the region. … Unlocking the massive humanitarian, economic, and safeguarding potential of frontline health workers could be the key to a safer and more prosperous world. … [W]e must couple their heroic action with policies and investments that ensure they are connected to the information, training, and equipment they need; that they are able to safely perform their work and are protected from violence in conflict areas; and that their lifesaving services are available to the most neglected communities” (11/9).