International Community Responds To Ebola Only After Cases Increased Significantly

News outlets report on the international community’s increasing efforts to curb the Ebola outbreak as the number of detected cases accelerates.

Agence France-Presse: Countries scramble to make up ‘precious time’ lost in Ebola fight
“The European Union urged the international community Monday to boost aid to make up for ‘precious time’ lost in the response to West Africa’s deadly Ebola outbreak, as the U.N. Security Council announced an emergency meeting on the crisis…” (Boitard, 9/15).

Associated Press: Medical charity: Time running out to stop Ebola
“International efforts to stop the accelerating spread of Ebola in West Africa were ramping up Tuesday, but a medical charity warned that the response is still dangerously behind and time is running out to act…” (DiLorenzo, 9/16).

Wall Street Journal: Ebola Pledges Lagged in Crisis’s Early Months
“Months after the Ebola virus started spreading in West Africa, the world’s largest donors and organizations are pledging hundreds of millions of dollars to combat it. But most aid promises have materialized only in recent weeks, long after the epidemic began spiraling out of control…” (McKay/Forsyth, 9/15).