Fear Of COVID-19 Spread Grows As West African Mosques Reopen; New Disease Clusters Emerge In Reopening Asia; Brazil Health Minister Quits; Obama Criticizes Trump Administration’s Pandemic Response


AP: As mosques reopen in West Africa, COVID-19 fears grow (Larson et al., 5/18).

AP: Gangs deliver food in poor Cape Town area amid lockdown (Imray, 5/18).

The Economist: Why covid-19 seems to spread more slowly in Africa (5/16).

New York Times: Covid-19 Outbreak in Nigeria Is Just One of Africa’s Alarming Hot Spots (Maclean et al., 5/17).

NPR: Senegal Pledges A Bed For Every Coronavirus Patient — And Their Contacts, Too (Shryock, 5/17).

Reuters: Tanzania’s Magufuli plans to lift coronavirus restrictions (Mohammed, 5/17).

U.N. News: Child vaccinations down in DR Congo, and COVID-19 is not helping: UNICEF (5/15).


Bloomberg: Over 100 Million in China’s Northeast Face Renewed Lockdown (5/18).

Financial Times: Coronavirus patients threaten to overwhelm Mumbai’s hospitals (Parkin, 5/17).

NPR: With 19 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases And No Deaths, Laos To Loosen Lockdown (Westerman, 5/17).

Wall Street Journal: As West Cautiously Reopens, New Coronavirus Infection Clusters Emerge in Asia (Ansari et al., 5/17).

Washington Post: Coronavirus comes for an abandoned people (Tharoor, 5/18).

Washington Post: An American pilot was devoted to serving people in remote Indonesian villages. She died trying to bring them covid-19 tests (Flynn, 5/18).


New York Times: How France Lost the Weapons to Fight a Pandemic (Onishi/Méheut, 5/17).

NPR: How Iceland Handles Contact Tracing (Garcia-Navarro, 5/17).

Washington Post: Why Belgium has recorded so many coronavirus deaths (Birnbaum, 5/17).


AP: El Salvador quarantine centers become points of contagion (Aleman/Sherman, 5/17).

AP: Virus heads upriver in Brazil Amazon, sickens native people (Biller/Brito, 5/17).

New York Times: Another Health Minister in Brazil Exits Amid Chaotic Coronavirus Response (Londoño et al., 5/15).

Reuters: Salvadoran president declares emergency without OK from congress, sparking controversy (Renteria/Love, 5/17).

Washington Post: ‘Express burials’ raise fears that Nicaragua is hiding a coronavirus tragedy (Ocampo/Sheridan, 5/17).


Reuters: Wear a mask or face jail in Kuwait and Qatar (Barrington, 5/17).


Bloomberg: Behind North America’s Lowest Death Rate: A Doctor Who Fought Ebola (Pearson, 5/16).

New York Times: FDA Clears Another Coronavirus Testing Kit for Use at Home (Kaplan, 5/16).

Reuters: U.S. FDA suspends Gates-backed at-home COVID-19 testing program (Ponnezhath/Heavey, 5/16).

Washington Post: Obama criticizes nation’s leaders for bungled handling of coronavirus pandemic (Scherer/Mettler, 5/16).