Integrating Innovative Technologies Into Health Care Infrastructures Vital To Achieving UHC

Devex: Opinion: Business unusual — innovating for health systems of the future
John Sargent, co-founder of BroadReach

“…For [universal health coverage (UHC)] to become a reality, … the widespread adoption of innovative technology in the health care industry must become ‘business as usual.’ The transformative power of technology empowers providers and payers of health care services to operate efficiently, generating the best possible health outcomes for the greatest number of people, in the most economical way possible. … Without an established health care infrastructure and entrenched practices built up over many decades, developing countries can innovate more nimbly and consequently bring health care to some of the world’s most marginalized populations. Dec. 12 and every day forward is the time to galvanize the widespread adoption of technology to achieve UHC” (12/14).