India To Publish National Plan, WHO To Discuss Global Plan To Mitigate Health Effects Of Air Pollution

The Lancet: India’s air pollution: a new government and global plan

“…Early this month, the Indian government, in its first attempt to address air pollution in the capital, will publish a federal plan to target non-vehicular emissions … [In addition, a] draft road map to mitigate the global adverse health effects of air pollution … will be discussed at WHO’s Executive Board meeting at the end of January 2016. The revised and elaborated road map will be presented at the World Health Assembly in May. It has four categories: expansion of the knowledge base; monitoring and reporting of health trends associated with air pollution and its sources; global leadership and coordination; and building capacity in the health sector to analyze and influence policy and decision-making processes for joint action on air pollution and health. Hopefully, starting this year, this road map will help to clear the air” (1/9).