India Sees Rise In Swine Flu Cases, Deaths; Hospitals Running Out Of Protective Masks As Disease Spreads

Reuters: India sees rapid rise in swine flu deaths and cases
“India has seen a sharp rise in the number of swine flu deaths and reported cases this year, prompting officials to investigate the cause and step up efforts to combat the virus…” (Kalra, 2/13).

TIME: 100 Indians Have Died of Swine Flu in the Past Three Days
“A hundred people have died in three days of the H1N1 virus — commonly known as swine flu — in India, taking the country’s death toll from the disease to 585 in 2015. A total of 8,423 people have contracted the disease in the country this year, and the Indian Express reports that hospitals are now running out of protective masks and medicines to combat the disease…” (Iyengar, 2/17).