Inaugural World NTD Day To Kick Off Year Of New Goals To Guide Progress Against Diseases, Lancet Editorial Notes

The Lancet: 2020: a crucial year for neglected tropical diseases
Editorial Board

“The inaugural World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day will be marked on Jan 30, 2020. ‘#BeatNTDs: For good. For all’ is the slogan aiming to gather support and build momentum for a decisive year of action against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). … To inform efforts to reduce the global impact of NTDs, a discussion paper by UNDP draws attention to the gender dimensions of NTDs. The available evidence on how gender influences the risk of acquiring NTDs, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes is reviewed. … 2020 is particularly notable because WHO is expected to launch new goals during the year to guide progress against NTDs until 2030. Reducing the burden of disease and disability caused by NTDs is essential to improving the health of the world’s poorest people” (12/14).