In War-Torn Yemen, Health System Crumbling, U.N. Reaches Besieged City With Food Aid

Huffington Post: War Is Destroying Yemen’s Medical System When The Country Needs It Most
“…Yemen’s medical system was already fragile, reliant on imported drugs and the assistance of humanitarian organizations like Doctors Without Borders. Nearly one-quarter of medical facilities have closed due to damage or shortages of supplies, fuel, or staff since the conflict escalated in March. More than 99 health facilities, including hospitals and clinics, have been damaged or destroyed in Yemen’s war, according to the World Health Organization…” (Alfred, 12/11).

U.N. News Centre: Yemen: U.N. delivers life-saving food aid to nearly 150,000 besieged residents in Taiz
“Braving fighting, airstrikes, and checkpoints to bring life-saving aid to Yemenis living in dire conditions under a virtual state of siege, United Nations convoys have reached the central city of Taiz with enough food for nearly 145,000 people for a month, the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) reported [Thursday]…” (12/10).