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Idlib Offensive Could Dramatically Worsen Humanitarian Situation In Syria, U.N. Official Says

Health Policy Watch: Exclusive: Senior U.N. Official On Syria Calls For An End To Attacks On Health Facilities As International Efforts Mount To Avert Another Humanitarian Catastrophe Over Looming Battle For Idlib
“Panos Moumtzis, assistant U.N. secretary general and regional humanitarian coordinator for the Syria crisis (since September 2017) spoke to Health Policy Watch in an exclusive interview Thursday about the escalating crisis in the Syrian conflict, the continued attacks on health care facilities, and the mounting international humanitarian and diplomatic efforts to try and avert another humanitarian catastrophe in the war-torn nation…” (Zarocostas, 9/14).

Wall Street Journal: The Political and Humanitarian Impact of an Offensive in Idlib
“…United Nations officials warn an offensive in Idlib could result in the worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st century. In previous battles, for smaller opposition pockets in Daraa and East Ghouta, the Syrian government has besieged rebel-held areas to force militants into submission, with civilians suffering from hunger and lack of medicine…” (Osseiran, 9/14).