Humanitarian Aid ‘The Best Opportunity’ To Help Those Affected By Syria’s Civil War

Christian Science Monitor: Humanitarian aid is the best, and only, solution for Syria
Tara Sonenshine, distinguished fellow at George Washington University and an adviser to the Berlin-based Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

“…Unlike revolutions in neighboring Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, Syria’s revolution has dragged on in a horrific way: 100,000 dead, 2.5 million refugees, 6.5 million internally displaced within Syria. Today there is little food, little hope, and few choices for the international community to help stop the bloodshed. Strategic, coordinated humanitarian assistance remains the best opportunity for meeting the urgent needs of Syria’s people but also resolving the conflict. … The United States and international community have run out of other options for addressing Syria’s bloody civil war. … If the goal is a peaceful, stable, secure Syria, the U.S. and international community have to address the wounds of today so that building that future does not become harder and more expensive, and take longer” (3/5).