Health Workers, Contact Tracers Face Challenges Containing Ebola In Liberia

Newspapers publish articles on the impact of Ebola on Liberia, including the challenges facing health care workers and contact tracers.

New York Times: Wish to Do More in Ebola Fight Meets Reality in Liberia
“…Because of the limited time they can spend in the sick wards in their stifling protective suits, the risks of certain procedures and even the amount of medicines available, health workers here and elsewhere in West Africa ration care, operating under constraints they often find frustrating. The mainstays of fighting the Ebola epidemic — isolation and basic treatment — have resulted in more dead than survivors among those infected…” (Fink, 10/27).

Washington Post: In a Liberian slum swarming with Ebola, a race against time to save two little girls
“…There may be only one way to halt the worst Ebola outbreak in history: find the disease’s victims, strictly quarantine them and monitor everyone with whom they interacted. … But doing contact tracing and enforcing quarantines in a place like New Kru Town is a different story. Everything here is shared: mattresses, toilets, food, the burden of caring for the ill…” (Sieff, 10/27).