More Ebola Cases Recorded In DRC; Health Workers Face Attacks From Organized Groups As Well As Ordinary Citizens

CIDRAP News: DRC: 24 Ebola cases confirmed in past 72 hours
“The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) grew by 24 cases [Monday] and over the weekend, including several case-contacts who refused or delayed vaccination after family members fell ill. … The new cases bring the outbreak total to 960 cases, including 603 deaths. A total of 172 suspected cases are still under investigation…” (Soucheray, 3/18).

NPR: Health Workers In Congo Face Violent Threats In Addition To Ebola
“…According to Congolese officials, the Ebola treatment center that [CDC Director Robert] Redfield visited has been the target of organized, well-armed groups. … But last Thursday’s attack on [another] Ebola facility, that was a spontaneous outburst by ordinary citizens. … A lot of people [in DRC] think Ebola’s a scam … Now there’s growing concern that the steps the government and WHO are taking to curb the rising violence from organized groups — for instance bringing in the military or police or U.N. peacekeepers to provide protection — that these very moves could sow more distrust and lead to more violent resistance of the second kind, from ordinary people…” (Aizenman, 3/19).

Additional coverage of the Ebola outbreak and response, as well as DRC’s political situation, is available from Al Jazeera, The Economist, and VOA News.