Health Systems Must Provide Quality Care Through All Stages Of Life To Achieve SDG 3

EURACTIV: In run-up to 2030, we’ll need all hands on deck to meet global health goals
Harald Nusser, head of Novartis Social Business

“…[O]f the estimated $270 billion annually projected to be needed from U.N. members and private partners for achieving the SDGs, up to 75 percent would, according to some projections, go toward health systems. This is a tremendous fiscal burden. … Rather than primarily addressing acute diseases, we need to reimagine health care systems to support people’s lifelong, complex health needs through all stages of life. This means equipping health care providers with the knowledge and institutional support to provide quality services along a full continuum of care — including a much greater focus on disease prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. … [I]t is now essential to build new models of health care systems that proactively nurture the wellness of populations. One of Europe’s great gifts to the world were the first large, national universal health care systems. If the benefits of these systems are to be reproduced in emerging economies, we need new ways of thinking about them and paying for them. With innovation and partnership, success is possible…” (1/19).