Health Officials Implementing Efforts To Stop Polio’s Spread In Syria, Neighboring Countries

Following the WHO’s confirmation of polio cases in Syria, “[t]here is worry that the highly infectious disease will spread farther, as people move in and out of the area to other parts of the country and across borders to refugee camps and nearby countries,” National Geographic reports. “To prevent that, response to the outbreak has already begun,” the news service writes and asks, “Why has the end [of polio] remained elusive, and what is being done to protect against future setbacks?” (Cole, 11/1). NPR’s “Weekend Edition Saturday” examined efforts in Syria to stop the disease, as well as efforts in Lebanon, where Syrian refugees arrive daily. “[H]ealth officials are sending out 5,000 workers for door-to-door immunizations,” and “a center is opening at the airport and at the border to immunize young children as they arrive,” NPR writes (Amos/Marrouch, 11/2).