Health, Development Goals In Gates Annual Letter More Realistic Than Draft U.N. SDGs

Bloomberg Businessweek: Bill and Melinda Gates Want the U.N. to Get Real
Charles Kenny, senior fellow at the Center for Global Development

“…The bets in the Gates [annual] letter are far more likely to happen than the U.N. [Sustainable Development Goals] draft’s targets. … The Gateses’ annual letter is a shot across the bows of a United Nations effort that looks headed toward utopian irrelevance. It comes from two of global development’s best-known advocates and is a welcome attempt to rein in the excessive ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals. But U.N. negotiators are suggesting tweaks to the draft, not the radical surgery that’s badly needed. Sadly, it’s a bet with long odds that the Gates letter will alter the course of the negotiations over the next few months” (1/22).