Haiti Still Struggles To Rebuild Four Years After Earthquake

News outlets examine the difficulties in providing humanitarian and food aid to Haiti four years after the country’s devastating earthquake.

PBS NewsHour: Haitians blame U.N. soldiers for cholera crisis in wake of earthquake disaster
“…Efforts to rebuild the poverty-stricken island were led by the United Nations. But in a cruel twist, U.N. soldiers sent there to help are thought to have inadvertently started a cholera epidemic one year later. Now a lawsuit is being brought by more than 5,000 Haitians…” (1/13).

GlobalPost: In Haiti, all eyes on U.S. to reform ‘unjustifiable’ food aid program
“…Farmers in Haiti and many of their counterparts in the United States are joining foreign aid organizations calling on the United States to stop sending American crops to Haiti through what many critics say is the deeply flawed and wasteful strategy of the current, multi-billion-dollar U.S. Department of Agriculture Food for Peace program…” (Kushner, 1/13).