Guardian Interviews Bill Gates On Ebola

The Guardian: Bill Gates on Ebola and the low risk of the disease in the U.S.: ‘Health is very unjust’
“…The Guardian asked [Bill] Gates a few questions about the [Ebola] epidemic. … What do you think when you see the focus that’s been put on Ebola, knowing the number of people who die from malaria? ‘…[I]t is fair to ask why does Ebola deserve this huge response. And a key answer is that Ebola is shutting down the health care system. It’s actually shutting down a lot of activity in terms of food getting to people, kids going to school. But let’s just focus on the health system. … We need to get treatment capacity, people willing to go to treatment centers so that the health system can re-operate again’…” (Moore, 10/3).