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Global Water Strategy Offers Opportunity For U.S. To Integrate Water Security Into National Security Strategy

The Hill: Water strategy represents an emerging opportunity for U.S. national security
John Oldfield, principal at Global Water 2020

“…[T]he long-anticipated U.S. Global Water Strategy has been released, bringing together the full and coordinated strength of 16 U.S. government agencies and private partners. … [T]he Global Water Strategy provides not just a better coordinated whole-of-government approach, but in fact, a whole-of-U.S. approach, that offers opportunities to be more catalytic, leverage donors in the global water sector, and give U.S. taxpayers a much bigger foreign policy bang for their limited bucks. … Led by the U.S. Department of State and USAID, the coordinated approach outlined in the strategy is a meaningful step in the right direction, if implemented properly — with ongoing oversight and funding from Congress and hopefully with overarching support from the White House. Congress must play a leading role. … Implementation of this Global Water Strategy requires funding, and congressional appropriators … would be wise to provide funding to support the important global water work of agencies far beyond State and USAID … The intelligence committees in the Senate and House should request an updated National Intelligence Estimate on global water security and Congress should insist that global water security be properly incorporated into President Trump’s forthcoming National Security Strategy…” (12/2).