Global Health Community Recognizes World Health Worker Week, Discusses Role, Importance Of Nurses, Nursing Workforce Policies

IntraHealth International’s “VITAL”: Rwanda’s Nurses Communicate to Protect Themselves and Their Clients
Casey Bishopp, communications officer at IntraHealth International, and Philippe Kayibana, community health facilitator at Ingobyi, discuss the importance of health workers being able to engage in open dialogue and clear communication, especially when responding to pandemics (4/7).

Women in Global Health: Applause is great, but nurses and midwives also need safe and decent work and fair pay
Roopa Dhatt, executive director, and Ann Keeling, member of the Board of Directors and senior fellow, both at Women in Global Health, discuss findings from the recently released State of the World’s Nursing report and highlight the importance of investing in gender-sensitive nursing workforce policies (4/7).

World Economic Forum: On World Health Day, new report says the world needs 6 million more nurses
Josephine Moulds, freelance journalist, discusses findings from the State of the World’s Nursing report and highlights the need for more nurses globally and the WHO’s call for investments in accelerating nursing education (4/7).