Global Health Community Addresses Various Aspects Of COVID-19

Brookings Institution: COVID-19 | Does India have enough doctors? An analysis of growing COVID-19 patients and existing medical capacity
Prachi Singh, associate fellow with Brookings India, and colleagues (3/27).

ODI: The G20’s coronavirus action plan must help the poorest countries
Dirk Willem te Velde, director of programme at the International Economic Development Group (3/27).

ONE: 5 major health organizations taking action against COVID-19 globally
Robyn Detoro, senior digital coordinator at ONE (3/27).

Oxfam International: Health spending in poor countries must double immediately to prevent millions of deaths (3/27).

Refugees International: COVID-19 and the Displaced: Address the Threat of the Novel Coronavirus in Humanitarian Emergencies (3/30).

SRHM: COVID-19: What Implications for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (3/27).

UNDP: UNDP support for coronavirus-affected countries goes beyond health
Asako Okai, assistant secretary general and director of the UNDP Crisis Bureau (3/28).

UNDP: COVID-19: Looming crisis in developing countries threatens to devastate economies and ramp up inequality (3/30).

World Economic Forum: As coronavirus spreads to poorer countries, here’s how the world can help
Chema Vera, interim executive director of Oxfam International (3/30).

World Economic Forum: Why Sub-Saharan Africa needs a unique response to COVID-19
Neema Kaseje, founder of the Surgical Systems Research Group (3/30).