Global Fund Replenishment Essential To Spur Technological Innovations To Improve Health, Development Outcomes

The Lancet: Replenishment of the Global Fund: global solidarity needed
Peter A. Singer, chief executive officer of Grand Challenges Canada

“…The goal of the Fifth Replenishment is to help the Global Fund save an additional eight million lives and avert 300 million new infections by 2020 by mobilizing US$13 billion in 2017-19. … Meeting this goal is the Global Fund’s immediate challenge and translating those funds into lives saved is its mid-term opportunity. In the longer term, the challenge and opportunity is to accelerate progress and reach vulnerable groups that are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria — which requires innovation. … Although the Global Fund does not directly support scientific research, it does help to create demand for technological innovations that could improve health and development outcomes. None of these three diseases has a highly effective vaccine; drugs for malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV encounter antimicrobial resistance; point of care diagnosis, especially for tuberculosis, could be improved; better vector control strategies for malaria are needed; and more precise health and outcomes data, including disaggregation by gender, income, and geography, are needed. … The Global Fund replenishment must succeed…” (9/17).