Gates Foundation Pledges $776M Over 6 Years To Improve Global Nutrition, Halve Child Deaths

Devex: Gates pledges $776M for malnutrition, unlocks U.K. commitments
“The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — the world’s largest private foundation — will spend $776 million over the next six years to fight malnutrition, a strong signal of support for a historically underfunded sector, according to the foundation’s leaders…” (Igoe, 6/3).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Gates Foundation to double spending on hunger to $776 million over 6 years
“…[Melinda] Gates made the announcement in Brussels, where she urged European leaders to make the nutrition of women and children a priority. The huge pledge also unlocks $180 million in matched funding from Britain’s Department for International Development…” (D’Urso, 6/3).

TIME: How the Gates Foundation Aims to Cut Childhood Mortality in Half
“… ‘Estimates are that in about 50 percent of all of the remaining under-five deaths, nutrition played at least a significant role,’ said Melinda Gates in a conversation with TIME. The foundation aims to change that in a lot of ways — little of which will involve the old bags-of-rice-offloaded-at-the-airport model. Emergency supplies can fill gaps in times of natural disasters, but they are, as Gates calls them, downstream strategies — sustainable only as long as the supplies keep flowing from generous benefactors. Upstream strategies involve putting systems in place so that generous benefactors are eventually not needed…” (6/3).