G20 Nations Except U.S. Vow To Take Action Against Climate Change On Heels Of U.N. Report Warning Of ‘Climate Apartheid’

The Hill: United Nations says world may face ‘climate apartheid’ that pushes over 120 million into poverty by 2030
“A United Nations report is warning that the world is risking a ‘climate apartheid’ scenario in which the wealthy can pay to avoid the consequences of global warming while the rest of society suffers. ‘Even if current targets are met, tens of millions will be impoverished, leading to widespread displacement and hunger,’ U.N. special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, said in a report released last week…” (Wise, 6/30).

Washington Post: As G20 reaffirms fight against climate change, Trump again stands apart
“Leaders from the Group of 20 nations renewed their vow to take action to curb climate change on Saturday, as the United States once again stood apart and at odds with the rest of the world. President Trump … dismissed the worldwide push for climate action and denied that any aggressive response to curb the world’s greenhouse gas emissions was necessary. … The United States was the lone dissenting voice in the final communique, in which 18 countries and the European Union underlined that the Paris climate accord is irreversible, and reiterated their commitment to its full implementation…” (Denyer/Dennis, 6/29).