Funding Gap Leaves Millions Of Syrian Refugees At Risk, Aid Groups Warn

Associated Press/Washington Post: Aid groups say funds for Syrian refugees ‘dangerously low’
“More than 200 groups helping 3.9 million Syrian war refugees are calling on international donors to send promised aid, saying they are fast running out of funds to deliver basic services…” (6/25).

Reuters: Aid agencies say funding gap endangers Syrian refugees
“United Nations aid agencies said on Thursday that a $4.5 billion appeal to tackle the Syrian refugee crisis in 2015 was less than a quarter funded, putting millions of vulnerable people at risk, and had already led to cuts in vital assistance…” (Westall, 6/25).

U.N. News Centre: Aid efforts for Syrian refugees imperiled by ‘staggering’ $3 billion funding gap — U.N.
“…According to a report released earlier this afternoon by more than 200 partners in the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan in Response to the Syria Crisis, also known as the ‘3RP,’ the U.N.’s current programs targeting Syrian refugees are facing a $3.47 billion funding gap. The shortfall, the report adds, means 1.6 million refugees have had their food assistance reduced so far this year; that 750,000 children are unable to attend school; and that life-saving health services are becoming too expensive for many…” (6/25).