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Funding For USAID NTD Program Increased In U.S. FY14 Budget

A post in the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases’ “End the Neglect” blog examines the potential impact of increased U.S. funding for NTD programs. In the federal FY 2014 budget, “[f]unding for USAID’s NTD Program was ramped up from $85.5 million ($89 million less five percent for sequestration) to $100 million, representing the greatest increase in U.S. NTD funding since FY 2010. … To date, USAID’s NTD Program has distributed more than 800 million treatments to nearly 250 million people across 25 countries, leveraging more than $6.7 billion worth of donated drugs, which represents one of the most successful public/private partnerships between government, non-profit and pharmaceutical partners. This new injection of funds will enable USAID to continue treatments in established program areas, monitor and evaluate national progress, reach new endemic populations and maximize drug donations that are currently available yet unable to be used. Most importantly, this puts the global community one step closer towards reaching the London Declaration’s control and elimination goals…” (Gunderson, 1/28).