Food Security Campaign Asks U.K. Prime Minister To Increase Efforts To Address Issue

U.K. Prime Minister “David Cameron’s pledge to reduce the number of malnourished children by 20 million by 2020 will ‘ring hollow’ unless he redoubles his efforts to tackle the issue, according to leading aid agencies,” The Guardian reports. As Cameron “prepares to meet [U.S. President] Barack Obama in the White House on Monday, the Enough Food for Everyone If campaign has sent a letter to Cameron warning that Britain has failed to prepare the ground before the Nutrition for Growth summit on 8 June when he is due to join forces with Microsoft founder Bill Gates,” co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the newspaper writes, noting “the campaign group, comprising more than 100 U.K. charities, warns that Britain has failed to do the basic legwork ahead of the nutrition summit.” In the letter, “Enough Food for Everyone If points out that at least a third of all child deaths are due to malnutrition but warns that only 0.3 percent of global aid is spent on tackling the problem directly,” The Guardian adds (Watt, 5/12).