Experts Discuss How Nations Can Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus, Countries Most Vulnerable To Economic Impacts Of Outbreak

Johns Hopkins University’s “Hub”: Experts Discuss Coronavirus and How To Prevent The Spread of Illness
“Johns Hopkins University experts discussed what individuals and institutions can do to prepare for and prevent the spread of novel coronavirus as part of a wide-ranging discussion on the outbreak livestreamed [this week] from the university’s Bloomberg School of Public Health. Brian Simpson, editor of Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine, moderated the discussion and read questions submitted by an audience primarily made up of Hopkins alumni and trustees…” (Cruickshank, 2/5).

Overseas Development Institute: Economic vulnerabilities to the coronavirus: top countries at risk
Sherillyn Raga, senior research officer in ODI’s International Economic Development Group, discusses a new ODI paper that examines the transmission channels of coronavirus and identifies countries that are most vulnerable to the economic impacts of the outbreak. Raga also highlights three recommendations on how countries can address the outbreak (2/5).