Egyptian Officials Arrest Doctor, Parents Of 12-Year-Old Girl Who Died After Illegal FGM

France24: FGM kills 12-year-old in Egypt as illegal practice resists eradication
“The arrest of the parents of a 12-year-old Egyptian girl who died after undergoing genital mutilation and the doctor who performed the procedure highlight the difficulty of eradicating the increasingly medicalized felony practice…” (El-Faizy, 2/3).

The Guardian: FGM doctor arrested in Egypt after girl, 12, bleeds to death
“…Egyptian authorities have struggled for years to eradicate the practice, despite a 2008 ban and new laws in 2016 criminalizing parents and doctors who facilitate it. Under the new laws, anyone who performs FGM faces between three and 15 years in prison, while anyone accompanying girls or women to be cut faces up to three years in jail. But campaigners warned at the time that the new laws were unlikely to combat the practice, given the lack of convictions of doctors and reliance on people to self-report…” (Michaelson, 2/3).