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10-Year-Old Somali Girl Dies After Undergoing FGM, Activist Says

Associated Press: 10-year-old Somali girl dies after female genital mutilation
“A 10-year-old girl has bled to death after undergoing female genital mutilation in Somalia, an activist said, a rare confirmed death in the country with the world’s highest rate of the practice…” (7/20).

The Guardian: 10-year-old girl bleeds to death after female genital mutilation in Somalia
“…Deeqa Dahir Nuur was taken on 14 July to a traditional cutter in the village of Olol, roughly 65km from Dhusmareb, in central Galmudug state. The operation severed a vein, and when the family were still unable to stem the hemorrhaging two days later, the girl was taken to Dhusmareb hospital, where she bled to death, said activist Hawa Aden Mohamed of the Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development…” (Hodal, 7/20).

Reuters: Somali 10-year-old dies after undergoing female genital mutilation
“… ‘The woman who performed the operation has not been arrested but even if she was, there is no law that would ensure she is punished for the act. This is just one among many cases happening on a daily basis across Somalia’ [Hawa Aden Mohamed said]…” (Bhalla, 7/20).

Washington Post: Most girls in Somalia experience genital mutilation. The ritual just killed a 10-year-old.
“In 2012, Somalia introduced a new constitution that was supposed to ban female genital mutilation. But a few years later, there had been little follow-up, and UNICEF still estimated that up to 98 percent of girls and women there had been cut…” (O’Grady, 7/20).