Ebola Impacting Local Economies In Sierra Leone, Liberia

News outlets report on Ebola’s economic impacts in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

IRIN: Ebola’s economic impact hits Sierra Leone citizens
“As the World Bank predicts billions of dollars could be drained from Ebola-affected countries by the end of next year, IRIN spoke to Freetown residents to gauge how the crisis was affecting their lives. All sectors of the economy have been affected, with agriculture worst off, say analysts…” (9/18).

Wall Street Journal: Ebola Drives Up Prices In Worst-Hit Areas of Liberian Capital, Early Data Show
“Prices for a bundle of basic goods in areas of the Liberian capital Monrovia hit by Ebola are about eight percent higher than in the unaffected areas, a set of early data collected from the ground show. The data was collected over the course of one week in September by workers for data tech company Premise Data Corp. It is the latest indication of how the outbreak is hitting consumers…” (Stevis, 9/18).