Ebola Case Numbers Rise In Guinea, Sierra Leone, Stoking Fears Of Disease Resurgence

Agence France-Presse: Ebola spikes again in Guinea, Sierra Leone: WHO
“The number of Ebola cases has risen in Guinea and Sierra Leone for the second consecutive week, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. In Guinea, 16 new cases were found in the week ending June 7, with 15 more found in neighboring Sierra Leone…” (6/10).

The Guardian: Charities fear Ebola resurgence after spike in cases
“…The spike in infections comes weeks after the World Health Organization reported a 10-month low, with just nine cases in both countries in the week ending 10 May. … The spike has also been blamed on not just porous borders but a return to traditional burials, which had been banned after they were identified as one of the key factors in the spread of Ebola earlier in this epidemic…” (O’Carroll, 6/11).