DRC Ebola Outbreak Could Spread If Violence Continues, WHO Warns; Paul Allen Foundation Calls For Greater Effort To End Outbreak

Associated Press: WHO warns Ebola could spread elsewhere if attacks don’t stop
“The World Health Organization warned Friday that it may not be possible to contain Ebola to the two affected provinces in eastern Congo if violent attacks on health teams continue. The ominous statement comes amid escalating violence nine months after the outbreak began, crippling efforts to identify suspected cases in the community and vaccinate those most at risk…” (Larson, 5/10).

Devex: Paul Allen Foundation: It’s up to all of us to stop the Ebola crisis in DRC
“The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is calling on both governments and private funders to step up and support Ebola response efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where deaths have now reached over 1,000. ‘The world needed to pay a bit more attention to this outbreak,’ said Paul Keating, senior director of philanthropy at Vulcan Inc., a private company established by the late Microsoft co-founder to oversee his business and philanthropic works…” (Ravelo, 5/10).