Devex Highlights 10 ‘Buzz Topics’ In Global Fund Replenishment Conversation

Devex highlights “10 buzz topics to watch out for” as advocates and policymakers gathered in Washington this week to “champion their achievements and lock down billions for the fourth replenishment” of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The topics discussed include historic new pledges to the fund, the integration of health and development initiatives, “[h]ow to maintain focus on vulnerable populations,” the importance of “getting smart on [the] procurement” of health commodities, “prevention [strategies] and the challenges of fostering effective behavior change when it comes to HIV and AIDS, TB and malaria,” the emergence of a new strain of HIV in West Africa, TB and HIV in Eastern Europe, rising TB rates in Nigeria, a debate over the most effective tactics to fight malaria, and the need for an increased focus on women and girls in the HIV epidemic (Igoe, 12/4).