Death Toll In Yemen’s Cholera Outbreak Reaches 180 People, ICRC Reports

NPR: Why A Man Is On An IV In His Car Outside A Hospital In Yemen
“On Monday, authorities in Yemen declared a state of emergency due to a sharp rise in cholera deaths. … From Aden, Yemen, Dominik Stillhart, director of global operations at the International Committee for the Red Cross, talked with NPR’s Ari Shapiro about the cholera outbreak and the dire state of health care in Yemen…” (5/15).

Reuters: Cholera outbreak death toll in Yemen rises to 180: ICRC
“A cholera outbreak in Yemen has killed 180 people since April 27, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Monday, hours after the Houthi-controlled health ministry said 115 had died from the disease in the capital Sanaa…” (Mukhashaf/El Yaakoubi, 5/15).

Wall Street Journal: Amid Yemen’s War, Another Scourge Strikes: Cholera
“…In declaring the health emergency and issuing a plea for international aid on Sunday, the Houthis’ health minister said the cholera outbreak had exceeded the capacity of any country’s health system to handle, let alone one operating in the midst of war, now in its third year…” (al-Kibsi/Fitch, 5/15).