Cyclone Fani Leaves Thousands Homeless In India, Bangladesh; Evacuations Saved Lives, Officials Say

New York Times: Cyclone Fani Hits Bangladesh, Killing 5; Evacuations Prevent More Casualties
“The most powerful storm to hit Bangladesh in years tore into the country over the weekend, uprooting trees, destroying thousands of homes, and killing five people, but spared this crowded nation from worse damage. … As in neighboring India, where the storm made landfall on Friday before heading northeast, in Bangladesh thousands of volunteers had woven through villages with megaphones, warning people about the impending storm’s dangers and urging them to move to shelters. Both countries also sent extensive text messages to the tens of millions of people in the cyclone’s path…” (Manik et al., 5/5).

Reuters: India cyclone kills at least 33, hundreds of thousands homeless
“Hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless after a cyclone packing winds of about 200 km per hour slammed into eastern India, ripping out tin roofs and destroying power and telecom lines, officials said on Sunday. At least 33 people were killed after cyclone Fani struck the state of Odisha on Friday but a million people emerged unscathed after they moved into storm shelter ahead of landfall. The death toll could have been much greater if not for the massive evacuation in the days before the storm made landfall, officials said…” (Dash/Kumar, 5/5).

Additional coverage of the damage from Cyclone Fani is available from BBC News and New York Times.